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Part One – From The Chandler Files


I suppose I should introduce myself so the proper perspective could be made by my readers. My name is Arthur W. Chandler.

I am a professor of metaphysics and paranormal activity at the University of Metaphysics in Cambridge Maryland.

I lead one of the major investigating teams in the world for all things paranormal and we are on the leading edge of research into the metaphysical realm. We have links to both the CIA and NSA, and world intelligence agencies all over the world, all of whom are very interested in the realms beyond our normal senses and mostly for military operations. Part of this includes my brother Ben who is deeply involved in remote viewing and transforming brain wave patterns to real live TV screens. It is highly classified.

The “paranormal” is very real, proof of parallel universes or other dimensions that interact with our own. Science has known of it for many years, and CERN has now proven it beyond all doubt. There are many dimensions, each one separated from the others by a different frequency spectrum.

This story comes from an article that a student of mine sent in one summer from a paper up in Wade County, Wisconsin that perked her interest because of the strangeness of the incident in a newspaper called the Wade Country Reporter, a small county newspaper.

Wade County (whose name has been changed to protect the people there), has experienced an inordinate amount of paranormal events and some of the strangest unexplained incidences in the United States. Many books have been written concerning it. I have in my files at the University many incidences.

At first, my student said, she paid it no mind whatsoever, except that the strange and bizarre incident came back to her mind when she walked past the Wade County Sheriff’s Office and it reminded her of the article she had read. She decided to go in and ask a few questions to find out if this might be of interest to me.

The article, by itself is rather short, and here is what it said:

“Wade County Reporter, June 14, 2015”

“Amy Patterson, age 29, died on her way to work traveling on Highway 72 today. Sheriff Jim Hicks reported that the front end of the vehicle, a Ford Escort, had apparently run into something very large and demolished the entire front of the car, pushing it back past the rear passenger seats, but what the object was is totally unknown, as it appears there were no other vehicles involved at all.

There were no other signs of either an animal, farm vehicles, such as wagons of tractors, trucks or anything else discovered at the scene. Further, the Sheriff noted there were no signs of braking at all – she hit whatever it was at an estimated sixty miles per hour. It was as though, he said, she did not see whatever it was at all.

The sheriff did say that they found a bit of what he described as rather an odd piece of hair, very large and very stiff, but no blood of any kind. This only piece of evidence had been sent in to the state labs for analysis.”

That was about it. No other articles appeared except for her visitation and funeral details, but nothing about the accident itself.

My student asked the sheriff, who happened to be in, if the results had come back and what they indicated. She said he looked rather perplexed and all he would tell her that it had been classified by the FBI and he could not tell her.

The fact this piece of evidence had traveled from the state crime labs to the FBI Crime Labs and then to be classified rather quickly was enough for me to investigate this very odd accident and bizarre behavior of the NSA or CIA.

It was then that I decided to pick up a few “call ins” as favors are known in those agencies, to see what I could find out. Several weeks later I found a note on my desk that had only three words on it: “Arachnid – Spider” – John

John was an old friend who had worked the FBI Crime labs for years, and my brother Ben worked with him on many of the deep black DARPA operations he had been involved with. Most of that was with “off world” operations totally unknown by the world at large.

Anyway, I decided to pay John a visit at his home to see what more information I could get from him. I found out that he had been brought into the examination of this odd “artifact” sent in by the Sheriff in Wade County.

John was reluctant to talk, so we went into his “safe room,” otherwise known as a Faraday Cage and once in there, he did volunteer enough to steer me in the right direction. He told me it had been classified because the “hair” had been analyzed and the DNA was classified as that of the Araneae order, meaning spiders.

The hair evidence, he said, suggested an unknown type of huge spider is what the woman hit on the road. It was suggested that perhaps it pounced upon her car from some distance and that is why she did not see it and ran into one of its legs.

John was dead serious. Huge insects. Underground black facilities. Radiation experiments on insects. What else was going on, I wondered. It did not make any sense to me.

Furthermore, no one else ever reported sighting such a huge object anywhere in the county.

Sometime before that incident, one of the sheriff deputies had recorded on video that looked like a portal that opened up and several balls of bright light came through it and descended rapidly to the ground. A request has been made of that video but to date I have not heard back, when I do I will report on it.

It was as if this thing or spider jumped into our dimension from somewhere else, sort of like a merging of two dimensions for an instant of time. A sort of glitch in the time-space continuum.

Wade County, I found out, was farm country, with huge tracks of corn and soybean fields. Surely, farmers in the fields, or traffic going by on the roads would have seen it directly, or something large rambling across the landscapes in the distance. Yet there was nothing. Nothing at all and no one had reported seeing anything unusual along those lines.

Well, that was about all I had. I decided to call the Sheriff at Wade County to see if I could dig up something further. The Sheriff was very polite on the phone. I introduced myself and said that I wanted to find out a bit more about the Amy Patterson death.

“Is there anything more you can tell me about the scene of the accident?” I asked.

“Not really, the one single piece of evidence I found at the scene was later classified by the Fed’s and they really wanted me to squash any inquires made by family or friends, so I put the case on ice and simply have left it open as an unknown. The only inquiry I have had was from a Susan Wakefield.”

“Yes, I know Susan, she is one of my students at the University.  She was interested in the fact that no one knew what she had hit, a rather odd case, I guess. Could I come up and visit with you, you could take me the scene of the accident? Perhaps introduce me to the family members? I know you cannot discuss this much, but it would help me put this oddity to bed, so to speak.”

He agreed and so I packed to go and just as I was walking out the front door my cell phone rang. It was John. The message was short. “They are watching you.” Click, the phone went dead.

Once Company, always Company as the saying went. You never really left the CIA or the NSA or any other deep state intelligence operation once you were in. They can watch all they want, I said to myself. Who cares?

It was a long drive from Maryland to Wade County and I won’t bore you with the details. When I arrived, I rented a room in a nearby motel and made an appointment to see the Sheriff.

We met the next morning at a local diner and over coffee and plates of country fried potatoes, sausage and eggs, we got to know each other better. Hicks was a nice guy and as we talked, he loosened up a bit and was very perplexed by the whole incident.

Come to find out, he knew Amy quite well, along with her family.  He said her death came as a shock, and admitted he broke down in tears as they recovered her badly bruised body from the wreckage.

I did find out that she had just returned from out East, but as to where she went no one knew. “Visiting friends” was all the family said.  She was well liked by everyone, had no enemies insofar as he knew.

They ruled out hit and run, there was no evidence of any other vehicle he said, no paint smears, no other trace, only that odd bit of huge hair. He also said that she did not do drugs, no drinking of any kind, and the toxicology reports all came back negative.

I asked him more about the size of the hair itself. He pulled out a pen he had in his pocket, waved it in the air. He said it was slightly thicker than that pen. Just one piece of very thick hair, unlike anything he had ever seen in his entire career. He knew, he said, that it was hair the minute he saw it.

I asked him if the Feds had told him anything about what he had found at the accident. He shook his head.  I decided not to tell him what they had found. It would be too strange for him to take in, and besides, I had no evidence if the FBI labs has made a correct analysis or not, but they hardly ever made mistakes, but then, of course, it was immediately swept under the rug as “classified.” Why?

The Sheriff drove me out to meet the family, and to my surprise they were very friendly and open and when they discovered I was there to investigate what had really happened, they offered me one of their bedrooms. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson insisted on it and treated me like family.

As the days went by, they began to open more and more about their beloved Amy. It seems that Amy kept a diary or journal as they call it nowadays, and she had started out when she was eight years old. I asked them if I could take them, any notes or paintings she had done and other personal stuff back to the University so I could put her story together and solve the mystery behind her death.  Before I left, I felt like I knew this young woman, and knew her quite well.”

End of Part One


Solving paranormal events is like putting together a huge puzzle when you have only bits and pieces of testimonial evidence, and usually evidence that cannot be vetted because most of these sightings have no witnesses other than the observers reporting them.

However, we are getting better at it as science advances into the realms of parallel universes, gravity waves, time-space distortions and so on. The fact is, we know very little about the world we live in, let alone that which is in the “beyond.”

I began my work on the Patterson case in earnest, and stayed up many a night reading her “journal” entries. As mentioned earlier, she began writing when she was eight. I slowly began to put some of the pieces of this together.

One of the first entries she made was in the summer of 1994, when she was eight years old. Her writing was remarkable for her age. Oddly enough she was born June 14, 1986, the same date of her accident. Some would call it singularity, others mere coincidence. However, I have seen these same odd coincidences many, many times, and have come to believe there is a pattern to life here, and it seems arranged somehow from elsewhere…

To add to the coincidences in her life, her entry for June 14th, 1994, her eighth birthday gave us the first clue of trouble. The entry read:

“Ran into a huge spider in the garden path, as I was running, and did not see the huge web it had made. I screamed and screamed for my dad who came running and removed the huge spider that I ran into. He was on my face, and really, really, big. He was gray and yellow, and had a huge body. It did not bite me. My dad said he was harmless, and not to worry. I hate them, I hate them. I will kill every one I see. I am scared of them…Mom made my favorite ice cream and cake today, and we had a party with my friends. Blew out all eight candles and my piece of cake had a quarter in it, and everyone got some money.

My mom wraps them up in wax paper and mixes them into the batter so you never know what you will get. Harry got a dime and Mike got a nickel. Hot and muggy…my friend Sally will come over tomorrow so we can play.”

This entry gave me pause. Being frightened of spiders at eight is not the problem, because most people do not like them and many kill them when they find them in their homes. But the phrases “I hate them, I hate them” and “I will kill every one I see.” seemed a bit odd. Perhaps she had been bitten by one earlier in her life.

As I went through the rest of that year there was nothing unusual until I ran into this one several months later, October 24th, 1994. It read:

“Woke up and saw a huge spider on the wall of my bedroom. I screamed for my mom, and she came in and I pointed to the wall. She said she could not see it, and when I looked again, it was gone. It was really ugly and had red eyes. My mom took us all to the lake for a picnic lunch, it will be getting too cold after this. The lake was blue and Sally and I swam, but it was cold, and so we played bad mitten. We talked a lot about school and the new people coming in. Trees are so bright in color; the reds are so pretty…” School again tomorrow. Love my mom and dad.”

There was nothing else pertinent to the case until age 12. On her twelfth year, there were more entries concerning her going out to find spiders and killing them. It appeared to me that this was a growing obsession for she was counting how many she had found and killed, one day 10, the next 12, then 8 and so on. She was keeping tally, and she would say how much she hated them. I began to sense that Amy was developing a real phobia bordering on a mental illness.

It was then I decided to call her mother and speak to her about what I was seeing before I went further with it.  Mrs. Patterson told me that Amy had been bitten by a large “barn spider” when she was only four years old while playing with her friend Sally. Sally Levenson was her friends name, and Mr. Levenson had a large farm operation, and Amy often went there to play with Sally.  Barn spiders to those who don’t know, are usually very large, and barns are usually filled with them, for insects flock around the barnyards.

Mrs. Patterson said that Amy had been very frightened by it, but recovered well. I then asked her about any other incidences that she could recall that might help us to understand Amy better. At first she paused, and was reluctant but then began to reveal the fact that Amy would often wake up in the middle of the night screaming and would see spiders on the ceiling or walls of her bedroom. She would point to the wall but Mrs. Patterson said there would be nothing there that she could see.   To humor her daughter, she would pretend to smash where Amy pointed just to get her to settle down and go back to sleep.

These incidences were odd in that Amy was wide awake and not dreaming. Amy was seeing something that no one else could see. Was this a mental projection of some sort, or was she actually seeing something that only she could observe? Or was she in fact, going deeper into a mental illness of some sort, an obsession or phobia that to her was making these spiders more than real?

Then there were nightmares or what we call “night terrors” that began to occur when she was 14 years of age. It was a recurring dream of a spider that she killed, but the next day it would be larger, and it got to the size where would chase her, and she would run into a room and shut the door and hold it shut as the spider began to eat at the door to get her, and then as it came through the door she would wake up terrified.

Mrs. Patterson volunteered that they began to get worried because of the number of incidences of this occurring. I asked if it began to interfere with her regular life, school, studies, etc. She said no, that it did not seem so, she did well at school, had lots of friends, was good at sports, and this thing with the spiders was sort of an isolated thing.

I then asked if Amy would go out for walks by herself and be gone for some time? The reply was yes, it was a daily routine for her to go off alone for several hours.

It was then that Mrs. Patterson volunteered that they had sent Amy east to a well-known psychiatrist who worked on special cases like this, but it did not appear to help at all. She gave me his name, address and phone number without hesitation when I asked her for it.

I thanked her for her frankness and went back to the journal. Odd numbers appeared at the end of each month. Her entries were short but in the top middle were numbers, some reaching as high as several hundred. Several were over a thousand.  It began to dawn upon me that these were her spider kill numbers, so she was keeping track of her “hunts” somewhere else, then adding them up at the end of each month. As she grew older, the numbers grew with it.  It was obvious to me that these “walks” where she would be gone for several hours of more, were in fact spider hunts and as her obsession grew, the longer the walks were and the higher the count was.

The Psychiatrist said that Amy was suffering from both intense hatred of, and had a deep obsession about the killing of thousands of spiders. He said he had never seen anything like it, and was unable to help her even though he had attempted many known therapies.

Was she suffering from a mental illness called Arachnophobia or was there something else going on? Something we did not fully understand, for I had heard of and investigated a number of strange sightings of ancient creatures that people swore they saw but had no evidence of it. After interviewing hundreds of witnesses to paranormal sightings, I have concluded that these people saw “something” that was “not there” and yet, it was!!

I once interviewed a woman who swore up and down that she had seen a Woolly Mammoth walk slowly past her house and vanish behind her barn, but when she went out to look, there was nothing there, not even tracks. Yet, she insisted, she saw it and described it very well. 

What did she see? Are we seeing a thinning of the veils? Is time sort of like a ribbon that somehow bends upon itself, so we get a glimpse of the ancient past and the creatures that existed at that time? Perhaps a “glitch” in the space-time  continuum or a possible time warp?

I wondered if her close friend Sally could shed light upon it, so I got Sally’s number from Mrs. Patterson and gave Sally a call.  I introduced myself and told Sally I was attempting to bring some sort of closure to Mr. & Mrs. Patterson.  She said that there was a part of Amy she did not “know,” as she put it, a part that was hidden away, a secret. There was only one incident that she recalled when they were out in the field to tell Sally’s dad supper was on, and that Amy suddenly stopped, froze and pointed, and said do you see that? Sally said she could see nothing, but Amy insisted there was a large spider off in the distance, very huge and lumbering across the fields.

“I only remember how terrified she looked,” Sally said. “But she recovered quickly, I remember.”

I thanked her and hung up. There was more to this than just a phobia. Amy, for whatever reason, was seeing beyond our normal senses. It was not just that she had developed a mental illness, it was a combination of that plus some ability to see in a realm of the light spectrum that others do not have.

What really bothered me was what was found at the scene of the accident. That piece of hair was real, and it was total DNA proof of a huge spider that Amy had hit at full speed. Was this a Deep State Black Operation experiment gone bad? If so, others would have seen it or its recovery by Special Recovery Teams.

How was that possible? There had been reports that some people can have such and intense focus that they can materialize an object that is solid and real. It in sort of like those that can bend a spoon, only in this case, they make the spoon itself.

I was at a stop point. There were three possibilities, I thought. Amy was severely mentally ill but for some odd reason was able to function normally except for this one phobia, and then a second option was that she was able to see into another spectrum or dimension and was actually seeing what she said she was, or she was able, through some latent mental power, to project these spiders into material objects from her mind that only she could see and no one else.

It seemed I was at the end of the road. I had nowhere to go. I had to sleep on that one for a while and then a thought came out of the blue one night as I was going to bed.  Why not see if I could get one of my “sensitives” brought in, and if we could get that one piece of evidence and have her hold it, maybe she could shed the final piece of light upon this entire case.

The next day I called by good friend John and asked if I could meet him at his home, I had more information to tell him. A week later I found myself there having dinner with him, and afterward we took a walk to a “secure” location and told him what I knew so far. He said he would try to get the one piece of evidence and see if he could have it examined once again. He would have to pull in some favors but was intrigued at the concept of a “sensitive” touching it to get more information upon it.

So it was arranged, by hook or crook, and I don’t want to know how John caused this to happen, but happen it did. Our “clairvoyant” sat down, the spider hair was given her to touch, which she did. She closed her eyes and then her face began to change. She opened her eyes in horror which turned to sheer terror. She screamed and began to shake and tremble, then fainted and dropped the hair back on the table.

It took the medics over an hour to revive her. When asked what she had seen, she refused to say. She left, visibly shaken. I tried calling her after several months had gone by, pleading with to put a closure to this incident. She never returned the calls.

It was about a year or so later, as I recall, that she sent me a note. “if you need to know,” she wrote, “I will tell you, but please do not tell her parents. Call me.” So I did. We met at a local diner and talked over coffee. She was still reluctant to say. This is what she said, take it or leave it for that it is worth:

“As I touched that hair, at first nothing happened. But then suddenly, I found myself going through a dark tunnel, and Amy was in front of me, flying through it as well. It must have been right after she was killed. The tunnel was dark and foreboding, but there was a light ahead, a sort of golden hue. As we came closer to the light, the tunnel became wider, and then we burst upon an open space, and there was this gigantic golden spider web suspended there. I saw Amy hit the web, and she struggled to get free. I saw this huge spider in the middle of web and as soon as Amy struggled to get loose, the spider came down and grabbed her, I saw it bite her and inject his paralyzing venom into her, and then he spun her around and around covering her, and soon she was totally cocooned.  I swear I heard the Spider say to her  “I’ve been waiting for you for a long, long time.”

That’s when I passed out.

So that’s it, maybe there is a moral to this story, maybe not. I guess if I had any advice to give anyone, it would be this: “Be careful what you hate, it might come back to bite you.”

A.W. Chander, Case #457, Chandler Files. Conclusion – Unknown


More and more reports are coming in of strange entities called mothman, batman, wolfman, dogman, and even pigman – many of these reports, in fact most of them, appear to be from credible witnesses, with no reason whatsoever to make up tall tales!

Recently many reports of a batman/mothman entity are being reported by many people in the Chicago and Milwaukee area.

In order to understand why these types of sightings are on the increase, we have to understand the science behind it. Our space-time continuum is constructed within a light/frequency/vibration range.  Our human eyes are only capable is “sight” within a much smaller range. Animals, like dogs and cats, for example, are able to see a larger range, and thus are able to see/sense objects that humans cannot.


Instrumentation developed by science broadens the range we can detect. Hence we can now take picture of things we cannot see with our eyes.

However it  appears to be apparent now that OUTSIDE of our SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM  lies a vast “ocean” of vibration/light/frequency ranges  totally outside our ability to measure or comprehend, often referred to as other “dimensions”. Each dimension appears to have its own range of vibration/frequency range, and is separated from others by the boundaries established by the Creator.

No one knows what actually lies beyond our own space-time dimension, but scientists think there are many other dimensions, and that we live is only one dimension of a MULTI-UNIVERSE. One scary movie that illustrates this is called “The Mist” in which the military opens a portal and allows huge “monsters” through the gate.

Scientists are CERN have said they do not know what may come through the gates that that may open in their CERN experiments.


It is also becoming clear that those intelligent entities outside our dimension have an ability to penetrate into our universe via what are called DIMENSIONAL GATES, OR PORTALS that allow these beings to come into our dimension at will, and hence we have many unexplained “sightings” where these strange entities appear or materialize, of shift their shape (or so it seems)  and then can vanish without a trace.

This applies to many UFO sightings, alien sightings,  werewolves, many bigfoot sightings, wolfman and others, such as “shadow men”, ghosts, and jinn  that appear and then seem to vanish before our eyes.

The people who report such things are not crazy, are not under the influence of drugs, but are in fact a witness to what the Native Americans refer to as a veil thinning. Many reports of a huge bird, called the THUNDERBIRD, have been reported in many parts of the United States. One sighting in Minnesota by a farmer, said he saw two huge eagle like birds with over a 30 foot wingspan fly over his silos and barns are very low altitude. He knew his silos were 30 feet in diameter and this wingspan covered those.

As a professional pilot, I have seen a number of “odd” sightings, that we call UFO related, but it now more and more difficult to know if they are “ours” or “theirs”.


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