Earth Changes

The Earth is undergoing rapid changes as the disquieting of the core of the Earth is causing EARTH EXPANSION. Earthquakes, volcanic activity, rifts, sink holes, jet stream changes, ocean current changes, climate and weather changes will continue to increase in the near future. The Sun is anomalous, the Destroyer is approaching, a galactic SUPER WAVE is drawing near, and we will undergo massive EARTH CHANGES as we enter into the final phase of our transition into the next age.

Volcanic eruptions are growing around the world, and it will become a real threat to many folks who live by these volcanoes. This is just the beginning of things.



As we nearer to the Pole Shift found in Isaiah 24, more and more unexplained phenomena will be occurring with climate and weather records falling about every week and then every day.










It has begun, and it will continue to grow in magnitude and frequency. Many factors are involved – cosmic radiation, solar radiation, the approach of the Destroyer, The Earth and solar system moving into a new area of increased radiation as it journeys around the Milky Way.



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Introduction – Part One

Welcome to this SPECIAL REPORT. The Earth is changing, and changing rapidly. The trends are ominous and pointing to a dangerous series of events that could have catastrophic consequences for our world civilization. The focus of this report is on the COSMIC FORCES that appear to be gathering together in an unprecedented series of cycles upon cycles forming a formidable enemy to Earth.

The writings of the ancients, going back into the mists of ancient times, appear to agree that the Earth undergoes a series of what they call ages – with long periods of quiescence  that are punctuated by civilization destroying catastrophes.  The events that destroy the existing civilization at the time are due to COSMIC FORCES. While almost all of science has been formulated during a period of quiet times, and thus scoffs at the concept of periodic catastrophe, the evidence is accumulated rapidly that the concept of catastrophism is correct.  The events shaping our planet today are identical to the reports of the ancient writings. Are we on the cusp of another Earth shattering event? This report will help to answer that question.

The Ancients – Are they speaking loudly or just whispering to us?

Further, is ANYONE paying attention?





This book is dedicated to honor the work of RED ELK, a native American Elder who was granted a vision of the future by the Creator, whom he called “Papa” and who worked tirelessly to educate modern man of what is soon going to be upon us all.




The first and most important issue before us is that of the truthfulness of ancient documents and their accuracy. Simply because modern science has all but dismissed these accounts, and has declared them unworthy of consideration does not mean the accounts are not accurate, and that their predictions of future catastrophes are not sound. It seems foolish to just dismiss such reports simply because we do not like the implications they bring to us.

We are not speaking here of some major Earth events, but rather of an ELE event that totally destroys

No one can deny that major changes are underway in all areas of the Earth. These changes appear to be on an accelerating curve, as though some unknown or unseen forces are now interfering with the “normalcy” of nature. It as though these unseen forces are altering things so rapidly that we hear terms in MSM such as “The New Normal”. We witness government special reports being issued. We find insurance companies also issuing special reports warning of a major trend that may well bankrupt many of them. We find governments of the world moving key government functions away from coastal regions. We find the United Nations behind such things as the Norway seed vault pictured here:

We hear of entire libraries being moved underground. We hear of underground tunnel networks and cities being built. Why? Why now? Is there something the elite of the world know that they are refusing to tell the general populations?

The insurance industry, especially the re-insurers are at risk for huge losses if they do not understand the ramifications of both ancient writings and their warnings of future events. Insurance is all about THE ODDS, and the odds are changing so rapidly that most insurance companies will fail unless they take immediate steps to cover their backsides. Insurance is about speculations/odds based upon previous records, projecting those into the future as a trend. But what if the past quiescence in weather patterns, earthquake and volcanic activity is now beginning to change? What if this quiescent period does not at all represent what is to come because of outside and unforeseen cosmic forces radically change things?

My Grandfather was Alfred M. Best, founder of the A.M. Best Company, one of the leading insurance rating companies in the world today.  I have always been interested in the insurance industry because as a very young child my grandfather would tell me how insurance companies operated. He would tell me they were betting the odds that this or that would or would not happen and thus made their money with premiums, invest that money and hope that their speculations were correct.  Those speculations are of course much more accurate when things continue as they have in the past. We look at past records, we project them into the future and we set our insurance rates based upon the odds that as it was, so shall it be.

That concept is no longer valid. In fact that concept will destroy the insurance industry if the ancient records are correct, and that is that the Earth is entering into a period I call TRANSITION to a NEW PARIDIGM. It is during this period of transition that the insurance industry has to closely examine in order to survive. There is double whammy approaching the insurance industry and the people of the world. The first is global economic failure (investment strategies) and secondly, the approaching cosmic intruders.

Almost everyone would say we cannot base anything upon “prophecy” because no one can know the future. Nor can we base anything on ancient writings because we have no way of knowing there will be a repeat performance. Thus we must not ever take these two concepts as any reliable basis for projections or speculations. We must stick with what we know.  And, what we know is the past and the trends, which we flip over to the future and monitor the events to see if the signs portend another near ELE event.. If we see an uptick in events, that is also taken into account. What else is there? Perhaps much more.

But what if the ancient records and warnings given therein are now beginning to take place? What if ancient and modern prophecy utterances are matching up with the ancient past and warnings of a repeat pattern? And what if this picture of near future events is radically different than anything even known before? Would not the militaries, the governments and insurance industries of the world want to know it?

And another interesting question is what if the scientific concepts of time are wrong? A recent scientific report claims that there really was an ALPHA POINT, a real beginning? They have discovered the remnant cosmic shock waves and cosmic energies to prove it. Does that not suggest there is also an OMEGA POINT? There is only one explanation for the statement in Scripture that its prophecies are 100% accurate 100% of the time – that time and space are different than what we, who live within this time-space continuum, perceive it to be.

That means that eternity is not within time and space, but a place where time and space are either radically different or non-existent. That eternity is not endless time, but rather no time at all. An all-encompassing NOW that our minds cannot comprehend. Thus those that live OUTSIDE of our time-space continuum can actually view the past, present and future. In other words, prophecies are not “speculation” based upon known trends, or just wild guesses, but rather are history written in advance, as those entities have watched what happened, wrote it down and gave it to us in the form of prophetic utterance. We are merely living through something that has already taken place. I suggest that Bible prophecies are just that. The future is set. Every decision, every move of every nation, of every person was observed and catalogued. THE FUTURE KNOWS. One cannot outsmart or change the future, for it is what it is. Perhaps hard to grasp, but true nonetheless.

In the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ, for an example, used that very concept of a repeat performance when He said that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again…” So how did He know that unless someone told Him or He watched it Himself having come from an eternal non-time dimension?  Science has also proved that we live in a MULTIVERSE, not a UNIVERSE, and that there are many different dimensions.  Jesus Christ referred to “doorways” or “gates” which we now know to be dimensional gateways or portals that jump from one dimension into another. He also knew all about DNA and genetics.

Unless one is willing to open their hearts and minds they cannot begin to fathom the real realities out there – for humanity is constructed only to operate in the space-time continuum and can only comprehend a small part of the light spectrum or one could say the “vibrations” that our bodies can tune into. Beyond all our “boundaries” or limitations, lays a vast, unseen and unknown reality that we only get a small glimpse of, usually via a spiritual revelation, feeling, or odd encounter with the unknown.

These odd encounters with the unknown, such as the UFO/ALIEN enigma, encounters with ghosts, Bigfoot, Mothman and such are clues that a vast and unknown MULTIVERSE lies beyond our senses and it has influence upon humanity and the affairs of humanity in an unknown way.

The time-space continuum, according to almost all ancient writings, has different eras within it, and appears to be circular in nature, that is, there is an ALPHA POINT to an “age” or “era” and an OMEGA POINT. As one era merges with the next one, Earth goes through a transition period, a time of massive Earth changes, civilizations perish and mother nature appears to go berserk, only to settle down and humnaity must start over again.

We also are beginning to understand that our world, our universe, is under the control of unseen and unknown forces that evidently are run from what we might call “eternity”, a place of no time, no space, and beyond our comprehension. Thus it is that mankind is actually at the mercy of this unknown “agenda” of the real “powers that be” and we have virtually no say about it.

The ancient writings all speak of a master controller, some call it “fate”, some call it “God”, while others attempt to explain it all as just “chance”. However, when one peers backwards through time, it is evident there is an agenda underfoot, a plan, a master plan, and that we do not understand that an “unseen hand” actually is running things way beyond our comprehension or even ability to grasp what it means.

One possible way to envision this very important concept of time and eternity is to view a wheel with the rim as time and space, but the center or hub as eternal. If you are in the hub, you can view everything that happens through time. Most people view the Bible as a book about religion. In reality it is not. Because it is considered to be a book about religion, many people refuse to read or study what it actually has to say. In reality it is not a book about a religion, it is a book that destroys all concepts of religion and brings in something so different and so strange that few will actually understand it deeper meanings.

Because of our misunderstanding of the real essence of time and space, and thinking that eternity simply means unending time, we fail to understand the implications of past events, the present and prophetic repeat performances. I am suggesting that we need to rethink our view of “prophetic utterance”. Christ referred to Himself as Alpha and Omega. He said He was the BEGINNING and the END. Those comments are either true or totally false. There is no in between here.

As science has now proven through remnants of the BIG BANG that there was an ALPHA POINT, then we might ask, how did Jesus know that? Science has now just proved that the BIG BANG theory of the Universe and its expansion are a fact. The Old Testament 2500 years ago said the same thing. The point of all of this is that the ancients had a knowledge of the cosmos, the constellations, the cycles of time, and the transitions between ages that we do not possess anymore. Do we need to revisit this as we contemplate and speculate about the future? I believe we do.

These are very important questions that everyone needs to be thinking about. If the elite appear to be attempting to protect themselves from SOMETHING COMING, then should not everyone?  So where do we start in such an unusual but important investigation? I believe we should start with the ancient writings and their warnings to future generations. From there we can then investigate the REASONS behind such events and their warnings to us – and when we do, we find out that the forces that have been responsible for previous civilization destroying events are not of this Earth – they are COSMIC FORCES, beyond our control, beyond any ability to stop them. It is from the MISTS OF TIME that we may well be able to LOOK INTO THE NEAR FUTURE – a sort of BACK TO THE FUTURE OPERATION. If so, we may be able to unlock enough clues from their writings to know and understand what is happening to Earth right now and where it is leading us.





Solon was a Greek sage, if you will, who journeyed into Egypt in his explorations for truth. He ran into some Egyptian wise men known as priests while there, who taught him about the ANCIENT PAST from his time (639-559 B.C.). In other words, what he was told happened long ago would happen again in some future unknown time. He was taught about cycles of destruction. The Egyptians were surprised at Solon’s lack of knowledge to these facts, something that apparently the Egyptians had known about for some time and considered to be common knowledge and the truth of things.

“O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes (Greeks) are but children. There is no old doctrine handed down among you by ancient traditions or any science, which is hoary with age, and I will tell you the reason behind this. There HAVE BEEN and WILL BE AGAIN-MANY DESTRUCTIONS OF MANKIND OUT OF MANY CAUSES, the greatest having been brought about by ‘earth-fire’ and inundation.”

The implications here are actually staggering. First there are CYCLES OF DESTRUCTION. There is enough time between these destructions for mankind to rebuild another civilization of sorts, forget the past, and then that is destroyed as well.

Notice the causes most likely – “earth, fire”,  volcanic activity, and then “inundation”, which must mean “crustal pole shift” or extremely heavy earthquake activity that is causing massive tsunami activity. This leads us to an important question. What type of natural forces could be involved in causing massive earthquake and volcanic activity to such a degree that it all but destroys the civilization in existence at that time? What type of natural forces could be exerted upon Earth that it literally topples over in space?

There appear to be two primary forces that could cause that at first glance:

  1. GRAVITY/COSMIC SHOCK WAVES from a nearby Super Nova explosion or from some SHOCK WAVE from the Milky Way core as the Mayans claim.
  2. A LARGE SPACE OBJECT that comes by the solar system and its gravitational forces are of such a magnitude that they cause major Earth changes/upheavels to occur.
  3. A COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE that occurs from time to time as CYCLES of DESTRUCTION.

While science mocks these concepts (at least publically), legends tell us that the Earth may well have toppled over in space, with the North Pole becoming the South Pole. We are not speaking of a magnetic pole shift here, we are speaking of a literal polar shift, be in crustal or the entire earth being rolled over. Plato records tell us that the Sun rose in the west and set in the east. That can only be explained by a total polar shift:

“The Sun and the stars ONCE ROSE IN THE WEST and SET IN THE EAST, (the opposite of today)…”

“I mean in the rising and setting of the Sun and other heavenly bodies, how in those times that use to set where they now rise and used to rise where they now set…at certain periods the (Earth) has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction…of all the changes which take place in the heavens this reversal is the greatest and most complete.”

So what was the cause of all of this? According to the ancients, it was a PASSING “TERRIBLE RED COMET” that has now gone by many different names such as “Typhon”, “Frightener”, “Doomshape”, “The Destroyer”, “Aegis”, “Planet Of The Crossing” Nemesis” and “Planet-X”.  In the Bible it is called “The Great Red Dragon”. How could the ancient writings from various cultures all speak on a non-existent object? This object, whatever name one wishes to give it, has a long elliptical orbit that is on a tilted plane, coming in from the South. It is said to be a BROWN DWARF STAR with its own solar system of planets, comets, asteroids and space debris.

I will take up a discussion of the Destroyer later, the point being that in almost all areas of the Earth, there are ancient writings that speak of a massive space body, a cosmic intruder that wreaks havoc upon the Earth and destroys the existing civilization. There must have been a mass hallucination all over the world or there really are periodic destruction of this planet for a number of reasons. In almost all cases, a celestial object of some type is the culprit.


“The world then teetered OFF BALANCE, SPUN AROUND CRAZILY, AND ROLLED OVER TWICE. Mountains plunged into the seas and THE LAND WAS INUNDATED…with a GREAT SHUDDER the planet began rotating again…”


In the Bible, Jesus Christ referred to AGES. An AGE is the period of time between the catastrophes. The Bible appears to record THREE AGES. The first was before the creation of Adam and Eve. The second age was terminated by Noah’s global flood, now a proven fact. The third age included a catastrophic earth change in the days of “Peleg” when it appears the continents we know today were formed by a gigantic earthquake during the EARTH EXPANSION of Peleg’s time. We now await the end of the THIRD AGE by the approach of the RED DRAGON.

Greek historian Herodotus:

“The scribes of Egypt maintained that ‘four times’ the Earth in its movements REVERSED ITSELF so that the Sun shifted and rose where it formally set, and set where it formally rose.”


Then this:

“The Egyptians pride themselves on being the most ancient people in the world. In their authentic annuals…one may read that since they have been in existence, the course of the stars has changed four times, AND THAT THE SUN HAS SET TWICE IN THE PART OF THE SKY WHERE IT NOW RISES TODAY.” – Pomponius Mela


So we can go anywhere in the world and obtain ancient records indication massive upheavals in the Earth and that there have been previous crustal polar shifts. China also records such upheavals:

“The planets altered their courses. The sky sank lower towards the north. The Sun, Moon and stars changed their motions. The Earth fell to pieces and the waters in its bosom (the deeps), rushed upwards with great violence that OVERFLOWED THE EARTH.”

Ancient Chinese account


“Heaven’s pillars broke and the bonds with Earth were ruptured. Heaven loomed over to the northwest, hence the Sun, Moon stars and planets were shifted. The Earth became empty.”

There is no question that worldwide the ancients declare that SOMETHING caused the world to go into almost unbelievable chaos that was so vast it destroyed the existing civilization. In almost all cases, the cause is, as I said previously, COSMIC IN NATURE        , OUTSIDE OF THE EARTH, an INTRUDER. Native Americans other than the Hopi have such legends as well, and all of them claim these “events” repeat themselves. These ancient writing totally contradict modern science. In point of fact, the scientific world mocks these stories as fanciful imaginations and old wives tales. But what if they are not? What if our ancient ancestors are actually warning us that we face the same fate? A fate clearly outlined by prophecy from around the world?

Further, what if the ancient writing tell of the “precursor events” leading up to the catastrophic changes? Further, what if these precursor events are now taking place, giving a confirmation to the ancient writings as being accurate and valid for today? And if these “events” have already been seen in eternity and given to mankind as prophecy so we might prepare as best we could? And what if those precursor signs could be used to help the insurance industries, military and governments decide what they must do to mitigate these precursor events as best as possible before the main event of polar shift or worse takes place?