The Best & Taylor News Hour For 6/1/2018

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT

Hawaii, Earth Under Fire, Destroyer, Sudden Destruction, Arrival, Iron Mountain & More…

Now archived on Audio Page

(Click on Night Shadows and it is a sub-menu under Night Shadows Radio)

The world may be in almost total denial, but it does not change the actual reality of where we are in the time and event lines of the Lord’s agenda as He works His plan. The signs are now everywhere, and the Deep State is likewise everywhere, having has years to infiltrate at every level of society to bring about their New World Order. President Trump is obviously part of the program as the Lord works out His EXACT time schedule for the emergence and final apex of the STRONG DELUSION, the ARRIVAL. The Earth is UNDER FIRE and judgments are now falling left and right, mostly in the natural realm of things – SIGNS of the impending ARRIVAL & EMERGENCE OF ANTICHRIST!

The Book of the Kolbrin speaks not only to the issue of true salvation, but of all the signs of the approach of this mysterious object that will soon become visible to humanity, at the same time the IRON MOUNTAIN AGENDA comes to its APEX and more…






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