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New STRANGE FIRES once again in California:


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CDT (7-18-2018).

Best & Taylor News Hour With Barry Roffman, Bible Code Expert

The Latest News on Bible Codes, Israel Wars, Politics and More…


The Middle East appears to be heating up once again, with Israel’s full call-up of reserves, threats from Iran and their alliances, Putin, Trump and Bibi forge secret alliance to help defend Israel along the Syrian border and Israel transfers troops to the Gaza front – war expected at any moment – further, their appears to be another secret agreement between the Saudis, Israel, religious leaders for the Third Temple to be built, something that must be close at hand according to the timelines of the Bible and the last and first Feast Days, with Tu’B’Av being the LAST feast of their Year 5778 and Trumpets on 9-11 being the FIRST of 5779! If the pivot years mean anything, we should see some remarkable events in the near future. Barry will help us understand his recent Bible code research as well as his take on world events!






What If The Bible Is True – Part Two Below



Larry Taylor photo of large amount of military traffic flying low over his home!






If the Bible story of the fall is true, and if the concept that mankind fell under the sway of “the god of this world” is true as well,  then “the prince and power of the air”, or as Revelation puts it, “That old serpent that deceives the whole world”, who is running this spiritual delusion, it stands to reason that humanity would also accept the lies of Satan and would then have a very biased view of the Scripture. Most would reject it out of hand, and those that did not would be subject to the perversions and subtle lies of this delusion via false “interpretations”.

Let us say that all of this is for the most part hidden from view, hidden from the world, and humanity thinks that all of the strife, wars, murders, lawlessness is simply the “way it is” and therefore “normal.”  That the “dualistic” nature of man, the “good side” vs. the “bad side” is simply the way it is, and nothing is basically wrong.

But what if the Bible is correct, and humanity is living under a rank deception, and is in fact now the actual enemy of the Creator? What if what humanity considers to be “normal” is in fact a huge “anomaly”, and as Jesus said, the “blind lead the blind” and they all go into the ditch of ruin together – totally unknowing of their actual and real fate?

The issue really boils down to the actual nature of humanity. Are we “fallen or not?”

To solve this issue, we must take a closer look at the Bible to find out in a factual, provable way, that the Bible itself is a book of TRUTH. We cannot go with “I believe it is”, or “the evidence says it is.” Is there a way to prove beyond all doubt that the Bible is in fact THE REAL TRUTH, THE REAL REALITY behind everything there was, is and will be?

The answer is yes, we can. And this YES, is a loud yes, and cannot be refuted once you understand the nature of the proof. It lies is a strange place and is double fold in its nature. That is why the Bible says that only a fool will reject it.

Stewart Best – Night Shadows



Why Humanity Is About To Be Destroyed

“A Hidden Agenda – And It’s Not Of This World.”

When you know something is true but it is almost impossible to convey it, what does one do? There seems to be an invisible barrier, like a language barrier that prevents one from understanding the other. Sort of like the female mind vs. the male mind!!

This is not something you believe to be true, or simply have faith in, or something that has been deduced by various news articles or events and thus you are totally convinced it is true, but rather something so much deeper, embedded in the inner heart and so much more profound that it is almost impossible to convey to others because no words can convey it. It is called in the Bible the deep things of the spirit.

At the moment of conception LIFE BEGINS. The spark of life, or the Creator’s GIFT OF LIFE can be seen as a BRIGHT FLASH OF LIGHT. It is also a LINK to the CREATOR in a HIDDEN PORTAL deep within every human being. It is here that the DEEP THINGS OF THE SPIRIT BEGIN:


This is the dilemma of DEEP SPIRITUAL THINGS vs. the carnal, fallen mind of humanity. One is almost an anathema to the other, but it was never meant to be that way. Mankind has a spiritual side as well as the physical side. We know that the mind is divided into three main areas of operation, each one veiled to the other, but communications do take place within the two deeper mind areas usually not known by the conscious mind itself.

Those three areas are the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and then the HIDDEN INNER HEART, totally veiled and almost totally unknown to humanity, called the HIDDEN MAN in the Bible. This is where the SPIRITUAL PORTAL IS. The Hidden Inner Mind is the place of an unknown PORTAL or GATE the connects to the spirit world.

The Temple or Tabernacle of ancient Israel is actually a hidden CODE via its construction and layout. It is also a hidden thing in plain sight for those who have a deep interest in the Creator. More on that later.

The Bible tells us that humanity is FALLEN, and is in league with a powerful entity called SATAN, and that the spiritual side of man is actually DEAD TO THE LIVING GOD or CREATOR OF IT ALL, but is very much alive to THE FALLEN SPIRITUAL ONES, often called Satan, Jinn, demons or fallen ones. These entities are part of a huge deception called THE STRONG DELUSION in the Holy Book of the ancients. In other words, humanity is being played like fiddle by entities far superior and far more intelligent than we are. Is it true? Or is this just so much hokus pokus?

WHAT IF THIS IS REAL and humanity does not find it out what is really going on or what it really means to them until AFTER THEY PERISH, and then it is TOO LATE TO FIX IT?

Jesus told us in cryptic form that the blind follow the blind and they all fall into the ditch together, the ditch means THE PIT OF RUIN AND LOSS. One may scoff and mock at the concept that mankind is a FALLEN CREATURE, but it does not change the reality of it.

Something to think about as we look around us at all of the confusion and seeming madness of the world.

We talk about all of these things on NIGHT SHADOWS and things you would never hear about because Americans are the most censored people in the world!


Stewart Best – NIGHT SHADOWS.




Love your programs, can’t wait for each, I look every day for a new one. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year for your ministry!  – J

Love Your Programs

It’s good that you have posted this about BABYLON, as it is critical for understanding what is happening here and in the world. Most Christian denominations, it appears, do not accept this truth. Thank you Stewart for all of the work that you and Cindy put into this back in the 80’s prior to your publishing the BABYLON IS RISING book in 1988. On a different note, your other work DARK/LIGHT sheds light on why BABYLON is populated and led by the kinds of people we see in the news everyday. Richard


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